Residential Lettings

We offer four residential management packages to choose from, depending on the amount of involvement you wish to have:

Find a Tenant Only

Lettings Maidstone Kent - FIND A TENANT RESIDENTIAL LETTINGS SERVICEPJJS will advertise the property and reference any prospective tenants. Contracts will be drawn up and signed by both parties, then on receipt of the fee by the landlord, contact details between the tenant and landlord will be exchanged and then PJJS will have no further involvement in the property.

Rent and Collection

Lettings Maidstone Kent - RENT AND COLLECTION RESIDENTIAL LETTINGS SERVICEPJJS will advertise and find a tenant, undertake the necessary referencing and then draw up the legal documents. The deposit will be lodged, utility companies informed of the new tenants and rent will be collected on behalf of the landlord. On departure of a tenant, PJJS will arrange for a check out to be executed by a professional inventory company and the deposit money returned to the tenant.

Full Management

Lettings Maidstone Kent - FULL MANAGEMENT RESIDENTIAL LETTINGS SERVICEThis service is all of the above in rent and collection, plus the added service of arranging for a full inventory to be carried out at the property by a professional inventory company and looking after the day to day management of the property. We will conduct full inspections throughout the year and all correspondence will be sent direct to us, allowing us to inform the landlord of any issues that need to be raised regarding the property, thus taking away the hassle of day to day problems and giving peace of mind that your property is being looked after.

Full Management Plus

This service has all the features of Full Management, plus your rent guaranteed and legal costs covered.

Discounts for Landlords with multiple properties will be offered.

Covering Maidstone, the Medway towns and surrounding villages in Kent, PJJS rates are highly competitive and its dedication to service is second to none.

If you have a property you are considering letting, or you are a prospective tenant, or even if you wish to just have an informal discussion to see if PJJS can help you please call us on 01622 861533.